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A sustainable hotel


At the Abi d’Oru Hotel & Spa we believe that small communities like ours can have a positive impact on the health of the planet, with little or no sacrifice. We have therefore embarked on a journey to become a fully sustainable structure, with a low or zero carbon footprint and the prestigious BREEAM In-Use certification (which assesses the sustainability performance of existing buildings), thank to significant investment in our infrastructure which will be completed in 2024.


So what are we doing to guide our community towards constantly reducing our environmental impact?

We respect water


In addition to the 8 water dispensers for staff, purified using advanced ultra-filtration, 3 water supply systems purified by osmosis serve the kitchens.

Our cooks use purified water, as do several Michelin-starred chefs around the world.

We keep the sea clean


Our beach staff are in charge of removing any plastic brought ashore by the sea and separating it in our two recycling centres, which are organised in a highly efficient manner.

It’s in the name: we support a bee colony


In order to highlight the value of the island’s natural and traceable products, we started The Abi Bees project, adopting 10 families of bees which guests young and old can safely visit, hearing from the beekeeper himself about the importance of bees for the future of life on Earth.

We hire local staff where possible


We mainly use the expertise of the local workforce (about 86%), supporting the local economy and limiting the travel required to get to the hotel.

We consume genuine local food


Every year we increase the number of quality local suppliers that feed our kitchens and pantries. In 2021 we will reach 65% of food sourced locally and 70% of beverages, including mineral water from the nearby town of Tempio.
VeG, our new veggie & vegan gourmet restaurant, offers and promotes a diet based on organic and locally sourced products, so local that the vegetables come from our very own kitchen garden.

We plant evergreen shrubs


More than 5.000 new shrubs have been planted in the park surrounding the hotel in the last 3 years. These are all examples of native flora, fragrant essences such as myrtle, strawberry trees and mastic, which produce oxygen throughout the year, and that characteristic scent of Sardinia so loved by visitors.

We support electric mobility


We have installed the first charging station for bikes and electric cars in our car park. A fleet of electric-assisted bikes is available for local excursions and trips.

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