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A beach holiday with yoga: the perfect combination for those who want to find balance and harmony for body and soul in Porto Rotondo’s beautiful Gulf of Marinella.


Our teachers offer lessons suitable for all levels of practice. Choose the one that best suits your needs and enjoy all the benefits of an outdoor workout, just a few steps from our beach.


SOUND BATH  |  €80/person
A deeply regenerating experience in which time and space expand.
At the cellular level, water vibrates in tune with the instrument. This resonance generates a real internal massage.
Duration – 1h
Practitioner – Laura Basile


THAI YOGA MASSAGE |  €80/person
This treatment can be considered as passive yoga, where the practitioner and the recipient are united by breathing that creates a shared meditative state. Benefits include relaxation of muscles and joints, providing deep relaxation that throughout your entire being.
Duration – 1h30′
Practitioner – Laura Basile


Recognizing the space your body inhabits and communicating with your body is the first step to self-correcting your posture. During the session we will customize sequences of exercises to create new synapses and use small pre and post-session tests to measure the benefits.
Duration – 1h15′


PRIVATE YOGA CLASS |  €100/person
One-to-one or small group session.
The teacher facilitates a unique experience, a flow-focussed method blending yoga, contemporary dance and martial arts. Can be adapted for all levels, from beginner to advanced. The teacher can also use a more traditional style of your choice such as Hatha, Ashtanga or Vinyasa.
Duration – 1h30′

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